Workers and Capital (Contents)

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Mario Tronti

TrontiOperaiCapitale72Below is the list of contents in Mario Tronti’s Workers and Capital. I thought it would be a good idea to translate it and post links to the available translated sections of this book. I made a few (very) brief comments on the incomplete translation of “The Struggle Against Labour” as well as the context of the second part of the book which you can read here.

Introduction: The Path to Follow/The Course of Action (1966)

Initial Hypotheses: 

Marx Yesterday and Today (1962)

The Factory and Society (1962)

The Plan of Capital/Social Capital (1963)

Lenin in England (1964)

Old Tactic for a New Strategy (1964)

1905 in Italy(1964)

Class and Party (1964)

Initial Theses

Marx, Labour-Power, Working Class (1965)


1.Hegel and Ricardo

2.The Exchange of Money-Labour

3.Critique of Ideology

4. Cursed June!

5. The particularity of the commodity labour-power

6.Productive labour

7.What is the Proletariat

8.The Forms of Struggle

9. The Worker as Not-Capital

10.The Slogan ‘value of labour’

11.The Class

12.The Strategy of Refusal

13. Tactics-Organization

14. Struggle against Labour!

Post-Script of Problems (Workers and Capital) (1970)

  1. Thirdeye says:


    Any idea when “The Factory and Society” will be translated into English? I’ve been trying to look for an English version of this very essay for a while. To my knowledge, none exists as of yet.


    • Hi,
      It is my understanding that The first section of the book has been translated in its entirety by Peter Thomas author of “The Gramscian Moment” and should be available for purchase soon, although I am unsure of exactly when.


    • Hey I just posted it.

      • Thirdeye says:

        Hey Comrades,

        This is great news. Thanks so much for your work on this. An essential text as part of an important current in Marxist thought. I’m reminded of the Birmingham School’s first English introduction to the works of Althusser and Gramsci back in the 60-70s. Exciting.

        Best to all!

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